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Sourdough, Fresh Bread (Appleton Farms Kitchen - Trustees)

Sourdough, Fresh Bread (Appleton Farms Kitchen - Trustees)

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Small batch, handcrafted, naturally leavened hearth bread made right in the Old House Kitchen at Appleton Farms by local baker, Jess Wagoner. This loaf is made exclusively with locally grown, hard red wheat, freshly milled by Ground Up Grain in Hadley, MA. The dough is made using a long fermentation process, which increases flavor, nutrition and shelf life. Designs will vary, as each loaf is hand carved prior to baking. 
Freshly baked to order on the morning available for pickup. No discounts or refunds if you are unable to pick up on the day you select.

Ingredients: Water, Wheat Flour, Sea Salt
Contains: Wheat


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