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Space Between Stones - FRUITLANDS MUSEUM

Space Between Stones - FRUITLANDS MUSEUM

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By Kai Siedenburg - Poetry and love for the earth.

Triennial Exhibition Supporting Merchandise:

Heather Lyon - Love of Nature and Earth - 

Peace. Joy. Belonging. Our souls long for these things, and find them in this collection of poems and practices that invite us into deep and nourishing connections with nature, Spirit, and creativity.

Space Between the Stones offers inspiration in small but satisfying portions. In just a few moments, we can open to any page and be uplifted by a brief poem, a simple practice, or a lovely illustration.

The poems surprise and delight, illuminating the extraordinary in the ordinary: the exuberance of sprouting seeds, the fertility of stillness, even the travels of a pair of swim goggles. At turns peaceful, playful, and provocative, they reveal a passionate love affair with nature and a friendly fluency with everyday spirituality. They speak to the place within us that longs to experience direct communion with Earth and Spirit—or at least senses it is possible.

The practices show us how easy and enjoyable it can be to invite nature, Spirit, and creativity to flow into our lives. They reveal that these three primal connections are always available to us, and often more readily than we expect.

Each time we choose a moment of deeper connection, we create a small oasis of calm and stillness. The more we do this, the more numerous and expansive these oases become, and the easier they are to access.

Together, these poems and practices remind us that we are never truly alone, but always part of something vast and beautiful. They invite us to step out of the frantic swirl of the modern world and into a realm in which all life is intelligent, all beings are our kin, and we are all naturally creative.

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