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Around Town: An Artist's Tour in Pastel is on view at The Wayside Gallery at Fruitlands Museum from September 9th to November 5th.

Artwork is available for purchase in person and online. Online orders will be shipped via USPS Priorty Mail.



"Every spring, I look forward to painting forsythia when the town is ablaze with its brilliant and cheerful yellow as the first sign of spring. Forsythia Jungle from Still River Road illustrates that explosion of color. To my chagrin, a hard frost in this year’s early spring destroyed all the forsythia blossoms."
Forsythia Jungle



"For me, summer in Harvard is about growing and sharing crops and flowers with friends and neighbors. The garden is a refuge, a haven that provides both beauty and sustenance. I paint the first crops of eggplants (Hanging in There), tomatoes, and the cut flowers that decorate the house."
Hanging in There



"There is much to be thankful for during the fall: a sunny day showing off the autumn foliage at Fruitlands, the soft golden colors of the reeds in the marsh, and the pumpkins perched on steps and posts that honor the season as illustrated by Sitting Pretty."
Sitting Pretty



"I cherish all four seasons, but I particularly delight in the pristine beauty of a New England winter and tend to favor winter scenes as a regular painting subject. I never tire of the blues, violets and warm yellows as the sun hits the snow-covered landscape. Backlit is such a painting."


"This showcase hosted at the Fruitlands Museum is a compilation of paintings done during and since the Covid pandemic in my beloved town of Harvard, MA. The first time I visited Harvard, I knew it was the place I wanted to live. A quintessential New England town with stone walls, orchards, horses, and a pastoral atmosphere reminiscent of my native Normandy.  

With the demands of work, a long daily commute and travel, many years passed before I really “discovered” my adopted hometown. The pandemic changed all that. As the lockdown and isolation became a daily reality, I developed a routine of long walks and found peace and solace inthis beautiful place that I feel privileged to live in. Harvard itself became my main source of artistic inspiration.Regardless of changes in season and weather, my walking routine through Harvard continues to be a place that feeds my soul and inspires my art."

Joelle Feldman's showcase is on view at the Wayside Gallery at the Fruitlands Museum from September 9th to November 5th.

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