Haskell - Berry Colored Cut Flower Kit

Haskell - Berry Colored Cut Flower Kit

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This splendid mix is a saturated array of berry tones, including deep purple, wine and cranberry. Seedlings can be planted out after the last spring frost and will provide a summer’s worth of rich, eye-catching blooms and bold foliage for your garden, containers, and indoor bouquets. This blend includes:

  • Amaranth 'Red Spike'
  • Basil ‘Aromatto’
  • Celosia 'flamingo feather'
  • Cosmos Double Click Mix and Blush Cupcake
  • Globe 'Audrey Purple Red'
  • Zinnia ‘Giant Purple’

Pickup Notes: Haskell plant sale items will be available to pick up Saturday, May 21 from 10AM-2PM. Select your pick-up time at checkout. Questions? Email kmccullin@thetrustees.org.
Please Note:

  • Kits are subject to substitution due to crop failure.
  • Each kit will come with plant descriptions and planting directions with spacing suggestions.