Forest Animals Wooden Play Set
Forest Animals Wooden Play Set
Forest Animals Wooden Play Set
Forest Animals Wooden Play Set

Forest Animals Wooden Play Set



Watch out for the tricky foxes and meet the white striped piglets, the boars and the sleepy hedgehog as it carries an apple home for dinner. Listen to the first singer of the spring, the robin as it flies above your head alongside the blue-bellied great tit or his neighbor, the tiny long-tailed tit. Spot the goldfinch who always hangs out with its friends or the hawfinch who cuts the cherry seeds in half with its beak. Get to know them well, so next time when you go for a walk in the forest, you will know every single one of them already! The toy develops the imagination and creativity of children, enhancing fine motor skills, while educating them on the environment that surrounds us.

Eperfa wooden toys are made of sustainable materials, designed and manufactured ethically in Hungary, EU. They are inspired by the local landscapes and nature and encourage a love for the outdoors and slow living.

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Toys Inspired by Nature

Eperfa toys are inspired by the landscapes and wildlife in Hungary, the hills around Budapest. They are dedicated to the natural slowness of childhood, where kids can explore freely and take their time to observe. They like the creativity and playfulness in designing things for kids. Children have a unique, out-of-the box way of thinking that is super fascinating and inspiring. Eperfa loves the way they can be so easy about things and teach us to slow down and be present.

  • Inspired by Nature
  • Sustainable Materials

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