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Lesson Plan Packet – Venusvine by Richard Rosenblum

Lesson Plan Packet – Venusvine by Richard Rosenblum

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A whirling tangle of roots look as if they are growing out of a rock into the sky. Is it a plant or a person? Could it be both? The material this sculpture is made from is not quite clear at first glance. Wood? Metal? Something else?

This lesson plan packet is a guide to an in-depth exploration of Venusvine, its context, influences, and interdisciplinary connections. It offers both set and emerging curriculum (lessons that build following children’s interests) to allow your learning group to discover, grow, and learn together. We organized this exploration into three parts: Before Your Visit, At deCordova, and After Your Visit.  Each part includes different content areas, creative activities, conversation starters, and detailed information for you and your learning group.

Content topics are built to adapt to a range of ages, interests, and capabilities. Take material you find inspiring and helpful for your learning group and leave the rest. You don’t have to be an art expert to lead these conversations or content explorations. We hope you and your learning group will develop language, confidence, and vocabulary to describe visual experiences together.

Lessons include explorations of:

  • Map-making
  • Geology
  • Optical Illusions
  • Animism
  • Mythology
  • Scholars Rocks

Lesson plan packet includes two adult park entry passes.


What are the ages for this packet?  Lesson plans are built to be adapted for a wide range of students.  We do provide curriculum links for PreK – Grade 7.

Who is this for?  The lesson plans might provide structure for a class visit, conversation starters for a family and curriculum links for a pod.

How can I use this packet?  There is a lot of content within the lesson plan packets.  We recommend reading the lessons and selecting questions, conversations and activities that are relevant and interesting for your students.  We hope you’ll continue to return to the lesson plans for more activities and explorations.

How do I get my copy?  When you purchase this lesson plan pack via deCordova | Store, you’ll receive an email with a link to a PDF version of the lesson plan packet.

Financial assistance is available, please contact Sarah Buyer,

Please do not share or duplicate the lesson plans. 

Please note: the lesson plan packet is delivered as a large PDF. We recommend isolating and/or printing segments as needed.
To schedule your two adult park passes, please contact Donna Berube at