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Pizza Dough, Frozen (Appleton Farms Kitchen - Trustees)

Pizza Dough, Frozen (Appleton Farms Kitchen - Trustees)

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Handmade, artisan pizza dough from our pizza chef, Jess Wagoner. Have you tried our Pizza Picnics at Appleton Farms yet? Stop by this weekend for a wood-fired pizza featuring fresh Appleton farms produce and get hooked!

Naturally Leavened Pizza Dough: 10 oz. 

Ingredients: water, local wheat flour, local malted barley flour, olive oil, salt. 

The day before you want to use the dough, transfer it from the freezer into your refrigerator. An hour before you want to make your pizza, pull it from the fridge and let it rest on the counter. Using just enough flour, stretch your pizza dough. Makes one 10"-12" pizza

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