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World's Smallest Etch A Sketch

World's Smallest Etch A Sketch

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Can you draw a house? How about a mouse? Can you draw a mouse in a house using an Etch A Sketch?
With two knobs and the appearance of a classic television set, this red plastic box is actually a drawing toy!
Right off the bat, you can draw simple lines and geometric shapes. With a little practice, you can combine the shapes into simple cartoon drawings. With even more practice, you can draw just about anything, so long as one line touches the next!
Conceived in France in the 1950s, this toy has been a classic since it was first introduced in the USA in 1960. This is one toy that gets handed down through the generations!
With the two knobs, you scratch a picture into the aluminum powder that coats the screen, revealing the dark inside the box. Want to start over? Turn it upside down and shake it! The screen will re-coat!
And now, you can pop the Etch A Sketch in your pocket and take it everywhere! This pocket-sized version is less than 2 inches long, but works just like a full-sized Etch A Sketch

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